New World Order on Final Push

This first short video shows a young girl still a child/not quite adult, questioning a bunch of boys (teens, probably.) We don’t know who the girl is with but she quite often looks at the camera and grins.

The more I read about the new world order, globalists, open border fanatics, the elite, and the events going on in the world—and America—the more it looks like the final push is on.
If one looks deeply into the Illuminati you will see the bloodlines go all the way back to Babylon and they’re getting impatient. With today’s high-tech their goals have escalated nearly beyond belief. Disturbing as it was to read, even the Vatican and the British royal family are, evidently, involved. Besides them, today all the liberal leaders of Western countries are involved and probably half to three-quarters of the lawmakers (meaning the legislative bodies of too many countries.)
To name a few of the puppets, President Obama of America, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, Cameron of the UK, Hollande of France, Merkel of Germany, and since we have seen the middle finger of former president, Fox, of Mexico, he likely is on board too…but Fox I would have trouble believing would get to live in those future gated communities for the elite, the ones the remaining human slaves would get to care for.
(To bottomline, I also doubt Obama and Trudeau would get the gated communities. Cameron, maybe. Hollande…probably. But Merkel, I can’t imagine any elites wanting her around, no matter how much she is helping their agenda today.)
To name a few American elites that I suspect at least being a part of the new world order—truly elite or not—Obama of course, all the Bush family (breaks my heart, but…) Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, the Clintons, Mayor DeBlasio, ex-mayor Bloomberg, probably at least a third of Congress, and let us not forget George Soros—one of the main puppeteers—…although I don’t know what country claims him as a citizen…as if any sensible nation would….
Eliminating 85% of the world’s population is just one of the goals of the Illuminati, and the way they plan to kill a few billion people is being put in place right now with the Islamic invasion posing as refugees. Islam has proven for 1400 years that they are killing machines.
A 7-minute video by Brit, Paul Joseph Watson. “The Rape of Europe.”

As a side note, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Boka-Haram, and the other groups slaughtering people right now—Middle East and Africa—are just a distraction from the real goal. But it gives the Western countries (France, the US, the UK, etc.) good press that they are doing something about radical islam…as if there’s a difference between moderate and radical islam.
Which there isn’t.
Then there is Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups taking over Middle Eastern countries, becoming a source for brand new refugee/invaders.
And the Islamic organizations like, CAIR, ISNA, and the endless MSA’s (Muslim Student Associations) in likely every university, even in some highschools—and pray God NOT in the elementary schools, although thanks to federal control of education even the youngest American children are being brainwashed about islam.
The Great State of Tennessee with House Bill 1418 is trying to stop it, and therefore setting the bar for the 49 other states. The feds in this muslim administration will NEVER stop it, so the states must!
Then there are the real power-brokers of Islam. Saudi Arabia, number ONE and rich on oil, source of the Wahabi, the strictly orthodox Sunni brand of Islam. Iran, practicing Shi’ism, the other major player of Islam and the next nuclear world power. Turkey—holder of the largest NATO army after the US—where Erdogan is quickly consolidating power and might soon become the true leader of Islam.
Finally, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, a Sunni, but calls for religious tolerance. We will hope he can stay in power. (At Christmas 2015, he went to a Christian church and the writer of the article said he hopes his “…life insurance is paid up.)
Right, Islam has no use for anybody stepping even partially away from Islam. Muslims who convert to Christianity (or any other religion) become apostates, marked for death.
Another 7-minute video by Brit, Paul Joseph Watson, “The Truth about the Migrant Crisis.”

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