Obama State Department approves 100 Syrian Muslims for West Virginia state capitol

Until the American people start standing and saying “NO!!!!” to these SCAM outfits bringing in moslems by the truckload it will continue and continue until islam takes over our country.
It won’t happen tomorrow, folks, but as it goes on and on and on, and islam begins to take over at the ballot box, it will begin changing bit time.
Of course, if you don’t give a damn about your grandchildren and great-grandchildren then just sit back and let it happen, because it won’t happen in your pathetic lifetime!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Where were you WV Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Republican Rep. Alex Mooney?  Only two choices!—either asleep-at-the-switch or in support of this move by a local ‘interfaith’ group to be named a federal subcontracting agency for the purpose of beginning a new refugee resettlement site in the state.  (Charleston previously received a few refugees through Catholic Charities, but no where near this scale).

If Capito and Mooney had put up significant opposition, we would have heard about it and this decision might have turned out differently.

Does Obama think he can stick it to West Virginia (Trump territory) voters in his final weeks in office? And, where is Joe [Manchin]?  He must be all for it too!

mooney Did Mooney tell this nice lady that he is supporting Syrian Muslim resettlement in the state capitol? Charleston is in Mooney’s district. Photo: https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/57741

Just this morning we reported that…

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