Weekly round-up for week ending December 23, 2016

Yes, we can be certain the islamic terrorist monsters would love to wreck a Manger Scene.
It’s strange the islamic leadership is even “allowing” a Manger Scene to be shown.
Yes, I was just sarcastic to the so-called leadership of Western Europe, but there is plenty of bowing to islam in the US too.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Note:As I began writing this post, Firefox appears to be blocking access to RRW.  I don’t know what is up with that, so I’ve switched to Chrome for now….let me know if you are having problems too!

I debated whether to post this photo—I’ll call it the photo of the week—but decided to do it because there is no sense sugar-coating where the western world is this Christmas.

In the wake of the Berlin Islamic terror attack…..

german-nativity Posted at Drudge a day ago….

Here are our Top Three Posts of the week (top daily most popular posts are in the right hand side bar):

Somalis pouring in to US in first 10 weeks of the fiscal year, could be biggest year ever for Somalis

What the hell! Somali American goes HOME for visit to Somalia!

Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position

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