Senator Lindsey Graham: Cut off UN funding!

Hmmm…, this coming from Lindsey Graham could mean a turnaround from more of the republican party…could even mean the end of the islamic-run UN.
After all, folks, they tried a world body after WWI too, and that didn’t work either. It’s time we realize and accept that the islamic-run UN is not working either and send that worthless organization to a sharia-run moslem country, where it will quickly fall to disrepair.
Let’s hope.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

sen-lindsey-graham-serious Go Lindsey! Go! Cut them off!

Longtime readers know that the good Senator from South Carolina has not been a favorite here at RRW mostly because he has been an advocate for more Syrian refugees being admitted to the US.


Maybe the despicable hit by the outgoing Obama Administration (including by UN Ambassador Samantha Power***) against Israel in the UN on the eve of the Jewish holiday (and Christmas!) is a blessing in disguise, and will be looked upon as a major turning point in our involvement with the world body (what a joke it is!).

We should all use this opportunity to pound the incoming Trump team to cut our ties with the increasingly pro-Islam United Nations.

Outgoing Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted in his farewell speech tens days ago that the UN had become disproportionately anti-Israel and it would hurt efforts going forward to forge peace.


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