Minnesota, sliding no longer slowly into sharia, but QUICKLY into sharia.
I guess we can call the city park Minnesota’s first NOGO zone–oh, wait! NOGO zones don’t really exist.
My bad.


From “Stealth Invasion” by Leo Hohmann…

A radical mosque known for breeding terrorists has been granted special privileges  by the city of Bloomington, which allows its members to take over a public park and treat it as their own, to the exclusion of other residents, according to complaints filed by a citizen group.

The Friends of Smith Park started a petition drive and took its case to the Bloomington city council with a formal complaint  on July 25, 2016.

At issue is the Dar-al-Farooq mosque, which has a record of turning Somali refugees into jihadusts for ISIS and other terror groups.

At least half a dozen known Somali terrotists have attended Dar-al-Farooq in recent years, including Adnan Farrah, twenty, and husband brother Mohamed, twenty-two, who pleaded guilty in April to providing material support to ISIS. The mosque is headed by Waleed Idris al-Menessey, who preaches hatred of Jews straight from…

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