North Dakota: Bill introduced to try to get some local/state control of refugee program

It’s about time North Dakota did this, and ALL states should follow suit. muslims are being seeded throughout the country, and folks, they keep their wives and girlfriends constantly pregnant. That’s how they take over the ballot box, eventually, until you wake up one morning and find the rules have been changed…WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING.
North Dakota is considered a RED state, but Fargo, much of Fargo’s leadership, and the paper, THE FORUM, are as liberal/progressive as the day is long.
Fargo’s leadership does NOT want the FM (Fargo/Moorhead, MN) people to have any say. Many of these resettlement agencies (9 major national SCAM outfits and hundreds of underling local offices, all being directed by the islamic-run UN) tend to sneak “refugees” in, dump them on the bleeding heart community, wash their hands, and never have to see the “refugees” again.
Fargo’s SCAM agency is Lutheran Social Services.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, Somali community organizer issues a warning!

Editor:Everyone is asking me what I think about various bills being introduced in state legislatures that seek to get some control over the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program by states and local governments when the federal government is sending refugees from around the world to unsuspecting communities.  Truthfully, I am not a  lawyer and the type of bill introduced depends on the present structure of the program in that state.  In North Dakota, Lutheran Social Services is pretty much calling the shots with Washington. I can’t give legal advice. I’m a blogger, an opinion journalist!

However, this is what I do know. This program must be ultimately reformed, rewritten or trashed in Congress with a bill signed by the President.  The best opportunity to do that is right now, starting tomorrow.  Even if Trump temporarily pauses the program, if nothing follows in Congress…

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