Memory lane! CT Senator Richard Blumenthal sought to REDUCE security screening for Syrians in 2015

“Clearly their (cair’s) interest is in boosting the Muslim population in the US.”
Why, oh, why, do so many muslims want to come here? Is there something wrong with their own country, besides unending war for 1400 years? And why do they bring their own ideology with them? Why do they refuse to assimilate? (Oh wait, the lying suit-wearers [like the guy behind Blumenthal] DO assimilate, just enough to get dumbasses like Blumenthal to fall in love with them.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Because he is all over the news today as the focal point in one more attack on President Donald Trump, I’m re-posting this story from 2015 so you know just who Senator Blumenthal is and why he must be pretty unhappy with Trump.

In 2015 Senator Blumenthal held a press conference with the director of CAIR Connecticut seeking to speed up Syrian refugees to America by reducing security screening requirements. 98% of Syrians entering the US are Muslims.

This is what I said October 7, 2015:

Update: Who was that man over Senator Blumenthal’s left shoulder?

Yesterday we told you that Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is leading the charge to lessen the security screening for Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugeesand he wants to expand the so-called P-3 (fraud ridden!) family reunification program.

See yesterday’s post by clicking here. (Go there to see exactly how Senator Blumenthal…

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