Only Malta and Finland on target to take allocated migrants from Italy and Greece under EU ‘sharing’ scheme

The defuncting EU is as out-of-touch with reality as the islamic-run UN.
The left, the elite, the globalists, the open border fanatics, the Illuminati, the New World Order–whatever you want to call them–are desperate to take over the world and impose the UN’s Agenda 21. This worldwide islamic invasion by these muslim so-called “refugees” is just the first step.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“All these measures have the principle of solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility at their core – a principle that binds each member state.”

(Frans Timmermans)

Invasion of Europe news….

If you are a regular reader of RRW, you know that Italy and Greece have taken the brunt of the invasion of Europe as those two countries are the most easily reached from Africa and the Middle East.  You also know that a complete and shameful lack of will several years ago by the European Union to turn boats back to the African (or Turkish) coast resulted in a wave of hundreds of thousands of migrants attempting to get to Europe.

frans-timmermans I’d like to ask the European Commissions first VP, Timmermans, what is fair about demanding that countries that wanted the boats turned back years ago are now expected to take a certain number of migrants because big, prosperous countries…

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