New refugee ban announced: Yikes! Big news is that the FBI is watching 300 refugees!

A joke? Only 300 being investigated/watched?
Sorry for the sarcasm.
I know President Trump and his team is doing the best they can, and against much of the country and the world.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

300 refugees living in the US suspected of having Islamic terror connections!

For me, that is the biggest news that came out of the press conference this morning.

Here is the brief story atBreitbart:

Washington (AFP) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating around 300 refugees admitted into the United States for suspected terror-linked activities, US officials said Monday.

Too bad that the Justice Dept (before Sessions got there) dropped the ball and couldn’t answer judge’s questions about refugee terrorist numbers after the first EO.

The officials gave the figure as justification for a just-announced 120-day halt on admitting refugees from any country to review security vetting procedures.

“Today more than 300 people, according to the FBI, who came here as refugees are under an FBI investigation today for potential terrorism-related activities,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

Unnamed spokesman at DHS:

“The salient fact here is that…

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