Politico: Fight will now focus on 120-day refugee moratorium

These 9 (that’s NINE) SCAM outfits and their hundreds of underling offices throughout the country DO NOT CARE about the “refugees” they are so concerned about helping and depositing in our country thanks to the islamic-run UN calling ALL the shots.
(“Some” might care, but it’s mostly about the money.)
These SCAM outfits only are worried about their payments/head of “Refugees” (mostly taxpayer money, that is) and this lady in the photo looks like she could afford to lose some money and go on a diet. Her SCAM outfit IRAP (International “Refugee” Assistance Project) plans to ask the court to block President Trump’s new EO.
Please call the WH comment line and support our president.
202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Since the Trump Administration retooled the so-called ‘travel ban’ to take away some of the objections of the Open Borders lawyers and threw out the earlier version of the ban that had been blocked by the courts, Politico is reporting that the pro-refugee industry groups will now focus on the 120-day refugee moratorium.

My personal view is that they don’t have a legal leg to stand on since the President, under the Refugee Act of 1980, has authority to set the number for each fiscal year. Trump did that with his 50,000 ceiling in the new Executive Order.  He has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to reach the ceiling.

Becca Heller of the International Refugee Assistance Project says they will be seeking “emergency relief” in the next ten days.

As of this morning we are at 37,323 for FY17, 2,193 short of President George W. Bush’s lowest year of…

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