Federal refugee grants to special ethnic groups “to promote community organizing”

“Community organizing.” Thanks to X-muslim-in-chief, o-freaking-bama, those two words have become very dirty four-letter words.
On and on it goes, taxpayer money funding the invading army of muslim “refugee” islamic terrorists one way or another.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Community organizing for their group of people gratis the US taxpayer!

This morning, I was going to write about how elder refugees (yes, we admit many over 65 years old) are eligible for SSI, but I stumbled on the $millions in grants taxpayers give to ethnic groups across the country so they can help “their” special ethnic group of people integrate and become civically engaged.

Buffalo Imam Yahye Y Omar is listed as the agent for an ORR community organizing grant. Photo: https://www.hiiraan.com/news4/2017/Jan/140081/trump_crackdown_on_refugees_hits_home_for_somali_community.aspx

These grants previously were gifts to ECBOs (Ethnic Community Based Organizations) for which I had created a  whole category a few years back, see here.

I likened them to mini-ACORNS.

Do you remember ACORN which taught poor Americans how to get their stuff (welfare) and then organized them to vote, etc?  These groups are like that!

Now they are called Ethnic Community Self-Helpgroups (not really…

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