World Relief building a “new community” in Durham, NC, was there anything wrong with the old one?

This is what’s happening, guys with these 9 (that’s NINE!) national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of underling offices, they are changing RED states to BLUE states by changing the people.
The islamic-run UN tells “OUR” state dept who is coming and what innocent community they get dumped on–the local communities have no say–NONE!!!!
And being paid for mostly with taxpayer dollars!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Changing America by changing the people!

This story at is meant to be one of those warm and fuzzy stories about ‘welcoming’ refugees (and diversity) to a southern city and how mean old Donald Trump has slowed their progress in changing Durham.

The last line of the story by reporter Tess Allen is the most instructive:

A new community is being built in Durham, one that is constantly evolving, one with a mix of faces, languages and cultures. And World Relief Durham and its volunteers plan to be there every step of the way.

Turning red states blue by seeding diversity. Map showing where all of North Carolina’s refugees came from in 2016. Story here:

Here are a few bits worth highlighting:

World Relief depends on federal funding for the majority of their financing. They receive a per capita grant dependent on the number of refugees coming into…

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