HuffPo: Refugee processing pipeline being restarted, contractors optimistic

Right, send a pretty girl to beg for money.
Meet Jan Smyers, lobbyist (excuse me, Director of “Advocacy”) for Church World Service.
Right, put religion in the name of your SCAN outfit–make the taxpayers think you are the good guys.
THE NINE NATIONAL SCAM OUTFITS ARE LISTED IN THIS POST, but remember, they have hundreds of local underling offices scattered throughout the country.
In Fargo, ND, it’s Lutheran Social services, as if bonafide lutherans are running it out of the goodness of their hearts–No! It’s for the taxpayer money per head of “refugee.”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

When I looked at this article (Huffington Post) more carefully, I see it only sends a garbled message about whether the refugee pipeline is being geared up to start seriously flowing again or is only trickling.

But, it does appear that the resettlement contractors are getting excited that it will flow with gusto soon since they are rehiring staff they let go shortly after Trump put out his first Executive Order.

Limbaugh: “Does he know that it’s the Republicans that are the roadblock here?”

I think the Trump team made a big mistake by placing the refugee moratorium (to assess the adequacy of our  security screening) and a reduction in the CEILING for refugee admissions in an Executive Order with the so-called travel ban for all those coming from the terror hot-spot countries.

It is my view, that Trump did not need an EO to slow the flow…

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