Daily Beast working hard to do an ‘Alinsky’ on Stephen Miller

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Saul Alinsky, as everyone knows now was a special idol (a soulmate really) of our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama.  One of Alinsky’s rules for radicals was to pick a target and make him/herthe face of the issue because people “bleed” and institutions don’t. You then target all your fire on the person to bring him down and thus win on the issue.

Spencer Ackerman, a reporter at the Daily Beast, fills in some of the blanks about how the Deep State undermined the Trump refugee order.

In this article at the Daily Beast we watch in fascination as reporter Spencer Ackerman, in tones expressing shock, wants you to believe that Stephen Miller (Senator Jeff Sessions former Senate aide) is Machiavelli*** in the flesh and has been, are you ready, stepping outside his role on the Domestic Policy Council and sticking his nose in to the National Security…

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