Advice to President Donald Trump from Conservative Review editor: Mr. President we need leadership!

Can’t agree more.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The time is now for the President to get his administration under control and to move on the one key issue that got him elected—his promise to control immigration and thus keep us safer.  He did not, first and foremost, get elected to unravel Obamacare or do tax reform, he got elected to be sure we don’t have a Manchester/London anywhere in America!

We need leadership now Mr. President

And, the way things are going (see Deep State undermining the President on refugees, here, yesterday), if we should have a terror attack (the odds are pretty good that we will) anytime in his Presidential term, he will be blamed… 

….unless he takes some steps now ably outlined by Daniel Horowitz yesterday at Conservative Review.

Here are a few snips, but I want you to read it all! (Emphasis is mine)

“We stand with our European allies, but we…

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