“Trump wins” on travel ban/refugee restrictions, or does he?

I must agree with Ann. That stipulation about relatives bugged the hell out of me too.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Update #5: Michael Leahy at Breitbart—it is a mess.

Update #4:UN not happy with US Supreme Court, here.

Update #3: Don’t pop the champagne yet says Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review.

Update #2:  See what former Rep. and Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says here at WND.

Update:Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society says they are pleased with some of  the court’s conclusions, see here.

On the surface it might appear that the Trump Administration has won an important victory in the Supreme Court which ruled just a few hours ago on the so-called “travel ban” Executive Order, but in my view the Court has created an enormous bureaucratic mess, not to mention having re-written Refugee law! What were they thinking???

I know, I know, they will decide the case on the merits after hearing it next fall (and this decision does show where they are…

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