Refugee contractors planning lawsuits: are resettlement contractors ‘bona fide entities?’

These NINE national SCAM agencies and their 300 local underling offices (controlled by the islamic-run UN and paid with taxpayer dollars) might just be the biggest SCAM ever perpetrated on the United States.
They (the people running them) need to be taken down and deported.
They seem to think they are legitimate entities of our government.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

So far, the US Department of State says no….

Justice Clarence Thomas (Alito and Gorsuch)were right that the Supreme Court’s effort to ‘split the baby,’ with its decision on Trump’s ‘travel ban’ and refugee moratorium, will invite litigation through the remainder of the summer.

I wasn’t planning to write today (except maybe a post about this being RRW’s Tenth Anniversary) because it is Saturday of a big holiday weekend, but I want you to see that, yes, the contractors*** are getting in gear to sue the feds claiming that since refugees are assigned to them for placement in your towns, they are bona fide entities.

They sue while we pay their salaries!

Longtime readers know that it is my contention that the system in place for decades, where a federal contractor is hired to place refugees in your towns and the contractor is ostensibly a non-profit (some are ‘religious’)…

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