Cambridge, Mass: No refugees for you! Neighborhood is too wealthy!

Maybe the biggest joke of all: Rich people like photo shoots with “refugees” but don’t want to live with them.
This story is different, of course. The wacko rich people in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard) actually WANTED “refugees” that is, until they would actually have to start DEALING with them…then it wouldn’t be so much fun.
What a dumbass/rich people story (sorta like George Clooney rushing home to America because too dangerous to live in the UK BECAUSE of the “refugees.”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Waahhhh!  The Harvard kids want refugees, but there isn’t any low income housing in Cambridge so the US State Department and its contractors send refugees to working class communities elsewhere in Massachusetts!

Tony Cambridge, Mass. home to Harvard University won’t see refugees placed there anytime soon! More Boston photos:

Moral of the story:  Wealthy communities don’t get refugees, but working class communities do.  And, if you build low income housing, your town becomes a refugee magnet!

From the Boston Globe:

“Help us welcome local refugees to our community!” read a flier advertising the carnival in Cambridge, where attendees would later pose at a photo booth, mingle, and munch on baked goods inside a balloon-festooned gymnasium.

“We wanted to have . . . an opportunity for refugee families to come and have a fun time, relax, play games,” said Caitlin Nichols, a Harvard PhD student who helped organize last…

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