Refugee resettlement is driven by a desire for cheap compliant labor, not humanitarianism

Ever notice how so many liberals have (like Lavonia Limon in one of the photos) have a very set jaw and mouth–and out of that mouth comes only talking points and their well-thought-out “Statement.”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“….these are really good workers. They show up on time. They say ‘yes’ when they are told what to do. They do what is necessary for their survival.”

(Lavinia Limon, CEO USCRI)

Ten years ago, when I first started writing this blog, NO ONE ever said a word publicly about refugee admissions being desirable for big business, especially for BIG MEAT, so it is gratifying to see stories like this one at the LA Times(even if it’s spun to sound like a good thing for the struggling refugees) that tells us the truth.

(See Bloomberg earlier, here. And, the NYThere.)

It is past time for the truth!

If we need laborers willing to work cheap, just say so!

I want to say to the refugee resettlement contractors—cut the c***! Stop propagandizing that refugees, like these Muslims in the story, are here out of the…

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