Miller “smackdown” of CNN reporter, a video for the ages

Did my heart good this morning to see that smug and inconsiderate Jim Acosta get put in his stupid place. I hope we will see more of Stephen Miller

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I’m sure you’ve all seen it, or at least bits of it!  White House immigration expert Stephen Miller takes down an uneducated CNN reporter—Jim Acosta.

Stephen Miller (right)—takes no prisoners!

Here is what Howie Carr saidat his website following the exchange:

It is about damn time that someone put Jim Acosta in his place.

It’s like this clown and Keith Olbermann are in a never-ending competition for the “most smug human on Earth” award. I wish we could just declare one of them the winner and send them back to their mothers’ basements.

But Jim Acosta’s smugness was cut short today by my new hero Stephen Miller.

Miller happens to be very bright, well-spoken and most importantly aggressive.

Check out this smackdown as Jim Acosta tries to claim that the White House’s immigration policies are not keeping with the “spirit” of America.

Maybe Acosta will think twice before he…

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