North Dakota: Summer study bill on cost of refugees to the state moving along

Somalis in Fargo, ND. At my last job (over 10 years ago, before all the BS began, at least before I was aware of it) I worked WITH a young Somali man. We were good friends. He was very educated, yet I helped him with some English.
Then his younger brother arrived. Directly from Somalia? I don’t know. One day in the breakroom, from about twenty feet away, I caught the younger brother staring at me. In his eyes was a hate I had never experienced.
Welcome to the “peaceful” world of the NON-religion of islam.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

You know I get alerts each day on a variety of news involving refugees around the world.  Honestly I wasn’t planning to post on this news simply because it is frankly ho-hum.  But, for some reason the story of the North Dakota legislature’s effort to get to the bottom of the question of what it costs taxpayers to ‘welcome’ refugees, including many Somalis to the state, is being reported all over the place, so I thought I better mention it too!

Lutheran Social Service’s director, Shirley Dykshoorn, testified on Wednesday. Did she turn over important information like how many refugee children entered the school system and how many refugees use Medicaid or public housing?

Here is a report in the Bismark Tribune. If nothing else, the legislature’s effort has an important educational value.

Eight days after a racially fueled confrontation in a Fargo parking lot, North Dakota lawmakers began…

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