Refugee contractors launch August recess campaign; minimum 75,000 refugees for FY18

Tolerant and inclusive Americans, we ARE, but these 9 national SCAM organizations and their 300 underling offices are hugely taking advantage. They don’t care about “refugees” they just want their money per head.
And, again, I must add this link:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

From the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society website:

In mid-September the Trump Administration will be sending its ‘Presidential determination’ to the Hill.

The determination will set the CEILING for the number of refugees the President would like to see admitted to the US and sets priorities for what regions of the world will be the source of those refugees.

It also tells Congress how much money the Administration needs to get that job done.

Obama’s average admissions for 8 years was 69,683. Do they really think that Donald Trump will ask for 75,000?

For the umpteenth time, the number is a ceiling that is rarely reached.

The contractors*** are telling their followers that the magic number for FY18 is 75,000.  They must be taking a new tack because at this time last year they were asking Obama for 200,000.  I suspect they know the situation is bad for their budgets…

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