Trump must suspend refugee program for FY18

Please, let the president know your views.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

If you are getting tired of hearing me on this subject, be prepared for more weariness because I plan to talk about it until that date in about mid-September when the President sends his State Department-crafted fiscal year “determination” to the Hill for “consultation” with Congress.

This year is a bit different, however, because the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is under review at the Supreme Court and they surely won’t be reviewing and deciding by the first of October when the new batch of refugees would begin to arrive.  The Court’s first day is October 2.

Trump would have every legal right to simply suspend or hold off sending any “determination” in advance of the Court ruling.

Indeed he could send a determination of zero (or some tiny number for extreme cases).

Trump grin and Tillerson The test for Donald J. Trump is only a few weeks away. The President has enormous power to…

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