GoFundMe page demonstrates again: US can’t afford more refugees!

Yes, it’s sad that Aisha and Majid are scarred from their life in Afganistan, but America is NOT responsible for the entire Third World–as these NINE national SCAM operators and their 300 underling local offices seem to think…and Mark Hetfield ($300,000/year) needs to go on a diet.
And again, here is this link:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

What a coincidence, just as I posted my previous reportfrom California about refugees adding poverty to already impoverished areas, here comes more news about refugees who can’t afford housing (Afghans again too).  Hat tip:Joanne

It is commendable that citizens may now take up the cause of this mother and son (private charity should be the primary source of support anyway!), but notice this is temporary until this Afghan ‘refugee’ can get herSocial Security Disability!


We (Chuck Ackerman & Catherine Donnelly) are looking to raise rent for our new neighbors on Cleveland’s west side, a mother and her 14-year-old son who are refugees from Afghanistan. We will call them “Aisha” and “Majid”. Because of the situation they have fled, we’re not using their real names.

US together US Together is a Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society subcontractor

As volunteers with refugee settlement agency US Together, we…

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