When a Leftist Pope gets between a rock and a hard place (laugh of the day)

The leftist “FAKE” pope should stay the hell out of Myanmar (Burma) and mind his own freaking business.
When are the sensible Catholics going to fire that guy?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Or more specifically when he gets between the Muslims and the Buddhists in Burma.

Scratching his head: How can two “peaceful” religions be killing each other?

Burmese monks See my report on the recent violence here: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/as-violence-in-burma-escalates-us-resettling-more-rohingya-muslims/

See Pope in a pickle by George Neumayr at American Spectator (hat tip: Judy).

(Before you go on with your laugh, you need to know that the Buddhists do not recognize the label ‘Rohingya’ because they think the Muslims in Burma (aka Myanmar) are  simply Bangladeshi Muslims who moved into Burma illegally and deserve no special label. I’ve followed the issue for ten years and have a huge archive, Rohingya Reports, here. The latest outbreak of violence that began in 2012 resulted from a brutal rape and murder of a Buddhist girl by a gang of Muslims, something the media never mentions! You also need to know that the US has admitted thousands…

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