Daily Caller headline writer has fallen for the spin—45,000 refugees is not a huge cut!

Come on, Mr. President, if this is true then you are doing NOTHING about the muslim invasion, and America will eventually go the same way as Europe.
If the democrats can come up with a good anti-muslim candidate, you might not get elected in 2020.
WTH? Did those so-called judges scare you?
I can barely believe I’m talking to my Commander and Chief like this….

Refugee Resettlement Watch

White House Prepares To Announce Huge Cut In Refugee Admissions

Just because Obama set a ceiling of an unrealistically high 110,000 for one of his 8 years (which was not realized), we are supposed to be thrilled about 45,000!

If the Daily Caller has its facts straight (and this isn’t a head-fake!), Trump’s State Department is proposing a ceiling of 45,000 refugees for FY18 which will do nothing to bring about needed reform.

Trump grin and Tillerson If true, Trump has been fooled!

It will slow the flow some, and maybe a contractor CEO or two will have to take a pay cut (from their $200,000-500,000 a year salaries); low level staffers will get the boot; and some new resettlement sites might be put on hold—big deal.

Without any reform initiative from the White House, when Trump is no longer in office they will simply boost numbers to make up for lost time.


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