Hitting a nerve (again!) at Right Wing Watch

I love it when Ann includes the face of a leftist braindead. If I met this woman on the street (and fell in love with her) I wouldn’t be able to tell that she’s a braindead leftist.
In this picture she looks normal. 🙂

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I served up some red meat for the Right Wing Watchershere at World Net Daily with my comments about the Rohingya ‘crisis’ in Burma.  You can read the Watchers yourself!

miranda-headshot-2-250x250 RWW’s Miranda Blue, one of my biggest fans! @bluemir https://twitter.com/bluemir

How dare I (and others) challenge the Left Wing meme that the Rohingya are the helpless victims, pure as the driven snow, in the decades-old violent conflict between these two great religions of peace!

Watch for it!

The Syrian Muslim refugees were yesterday’s downtrodden, but the Left has moved on to the new flavor of the year—-the Rohingya—who we should support with millions of taxpayer dollars, or better still move to your neighborhoods ASAP.

For ambitious readers, I have over 200 posts on the Rohingya conflict archived here over TEN years. See for yourself what’s been happening there.

Oh, and see my other mentions at Right Wing Watch

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