Swamp isn’t going to be drained, so it’s time to return to local action on refugee program

Since it appears that President Trump has thrown in the towel on “refugee” control, and Congress likely is NOT going to do a THING to change ANYTHING, here is an outstanding post of what we can do at the local level.
This post is filled with info.
I’m keeping it in my email archive for future reference.
Here in North Dakota (supposedly a RED state) I have tried letters-to-the-editor at two newspapers. For my efforts I have received attack-letters-to the-editor, but also have received “snail letter” encouragement, so there ARE people out there who agree but likely are afraid to agree publicly.
I don’t blame them.
Remember this, any bad word against the people of islam is “NOT who we are.”
So, when/if islam finally takes over, will the muslim leadership remember who loves them and who does not?
No, all nonmuslims are infidels/kafers.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I have to admit, I thought Donald Trump would come in to office and take a forceful position on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program and tell Congress to investigate the program (and the contractors!) with an eye to trashing or reforming the whole system.

Trump shrug Looks like Trump has thrown in the towel on refugee program, it is now up to you where you live!

With his capitulation on the annual determination, with a substantial 45,000 refugees to be admitted in the next 12 months, Republican leaders (with the Chamber of Commerce cheering) gave a sigh of relief.

It is still enough cheap labor and no one is going to force them to investigate how taxpayer dollars are spent and no one will call them heartless racists.

(Although there is still one glimmer of hope. The 45,000 is a CEILING and the Trump Admin can come in substantially lower…

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