All nine federal resettlement contractors support Oct. 18th #NoMuslimBanEver rally

Hmmm…, where is the fine SPLC on all these humanistic organization…I wonder?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is a rally partially sponsored by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to be held in Washington, DC this coming week. (As of this writing they have 847 confirmed planning to attend, here.)

I told you about it here when the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was pushing its groupies to attend.

Curious about whether the other eight federal refugee contractors (some receiving nearly all of their funding from the US Treasury)*** were involved, I asked in that post if anyone knew.

I got my answer just now at twitter when the lobbying arm of the refugee industry (Refugee Council USA) put out this message:

Screenshot (969)

So who are the membersof the refugee lobbying consortium.  Here they are:

Screenshot (970)Screenshot (971)Screenshot (972)

***Check out those logos, below are the nine contractors. Where is Congress? Shouldn’t there be a law that if you take most of your funding from taxpayers, you…

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