City Mayors shirking responsibility regarding Refugee Admissions Program

There is at least ONE city councilman voting his mind.
Recently the Human Relations Commission of Fargo, ND, asked the powers-that-be to pass a resolution on “inclusiveness” (a favorite liberal word.)
They did pass it, but one lone standup guy voted against it, Dave Piepkorn, and he didn’t explain why (strange how the rabidly-liberal newspaper had to add that.
For Ann and others who follow Ann’s postings, Dave Piepkorn, standup guy, has been here before.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Yesterday it was St. Cloud, MN and today it is Rutland, VT!

Getting the monkey off their backs!

Mayors and Councils across America, when confronted by citizens with questions and concerns about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, brush off citizens with the usual garbage line—it is a federal program and they have no role in it.

monkey-on-your-back Mayor attempting to get the citizen ‘monkey’ off his back by saying he has no power. This is a federal program!  

Yes, they do! The Refugee Act of 1980 did give local governments a role.

And, repeatedly the State Department has said they don’t send refugees to places where they are not wanted. Mayors and councils could go on record with their opinions, but at minimum they should be attending QUARTERLY STAKEHOLDER MEETINGS. And, they should be involved in preparing the annual R & P ABSTRACT (see post yesterday).

Here we…

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