St. Cloud controversy over refugees draws CAIR’s attention; CAIR draws media attention

Support Jeff Johnson, city councilman, ST Cloud, MN, and Dave Piepkorn, city councilman, Fargo, ND, the ONLY two local councilman standing up for the GOODNESS of America and their local communities.
The people with their arms wide open for the muslim “refugees” have NO idea of the danger of islam, and have LESS than no idea of islam’s goal.
Please support the two named councilmen.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, of course, as I look around this morning I see that CAIR’s arrival on the scene draws the national media!  A local Fox affiliateis reporting on the controversy surrounding one city councilman’s proposed moratorium on refugee resettlement and even the Washington Postis now reporting.   I expect to see the spinners and liars from the New York Times arriving soon!  LOL! the new ambulance chasing—CAIR chasing!

It looks like the showdown will be Monday, October 23rd when Councilman Jeff Johnson will propose that the mayor and council ask the federal government and its agent in Minnesota—Lutheran Social Services of MN—to give them a break until more is known about the economic impact of resettlement on the city and until there can be some assurances that the process going forward is transparent. Federal law does give a role to local governments to weigh in with their…

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