Lutherans on the offense in St. Cloud, plan propaganda webinar

The battle between the sensible people of St. Cloud, MN, against the LSS tyrants goes on.
The main joke in this post: “A group hopes to distinguish between fact and myth about refugee resettlement with a public webinar…”
(The “joke” is “fact and myth” and all the speakers are pro-“refugee.”)
The sensible people of Minnesota are putting up a good fight, but, for now, the powers-that-be are likely to win.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

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Readers, I do have news from elsewhere that needs to be posted, but the St. Cloud upcoming council vote is shaping up to be a pivotal event.

What I truly don’t understand is why Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota (a subcontractor of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Serviceheadquartered in Baltimore) is so hell bent to bring more third worlders, especially Somalis, to a town where they (Somalis AND LSS) face such a backlash.

You would almost think the Lutheran resettlement contractor is benefiting financially beyond its per head payment for the refugees they place in Minnesota communities.

Now they plan to put on a webinar in mid-November to supposedly tell the public that refugees don’t cost taxpayers a dime just when a member of the city council wants a REAL economic assessment of what resettlement is costing the community beyond the trouble in schools and neighborhoods and the general social…

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