Foreign-owned Big Meat hires Lutherans to help them find and retain refugee labor

Payola, I thought was a thing of the past. Not according to this post. BIG MEAT is directly paying at least ONE of the NINE national SCAM agencies for the favor of providing “refugees” to work for low wages which then translates to welfare paid locally.
The islamic-run UN is the leading force behind this, folks, then our own State Department and the democrats (Party of TREASON) desperate for new voters.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is the crux of this story and not in my wildest dreams did I think that money was directlychanging hands between the meat industry and a federal refugee contractor, in this case Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service headquartered in Baltimore, MD.


I always assumed it was an informal relationship where the largely federally-funded ‘religious’ charity (LIRS is 96% funded by you and not via the collection plate) just happened to be bringing immigrant workers to small town America.

Now we learn that there is a formal (secret!), contractual arrangement planned for pilot projects in four states with JBS USA a Brazilian-owned company.  And, it makes me wonder if this isn’t new and whether similar arrangements are being made with others of the nine federal refugee contractors.***

For those of you in places like St. Cloud, MN frustrated that you can’t get local elected officials to listen to you…

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