No such thing as ‘Minnesota nice’ as St. Cloud mayor and council play dirty

A leftist AMBUSH. I can barely imagine a city council doing this to a fellow councilman, let alone to the decent and sensible people of their city.
I guess I’ve been naive.
The democrats (the Party of TREASON) will do ANYTHING to get their way, and one way is to bring in thousands of foreigners who WILL vote democrat.
“Minnesota Nice” is GONE.
minnesomalia lives.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

We told you that a St. Cloud, Minnesota councilman was planning to introduce a resolution on November 6th asking for a moratorium on refugee resettlement in order to understand better the economic impact of thousands of mostly Somali refugees being placed in the town over recent years by a Lutheran resettlement agency.

(Don’t miss yesterday’s post about Lutherans being paid directly by meatpacking companies to find and retain labor, here.)

So what happens the week before the planned debate on the moratorium resolution?

On Monday night (on the 23rd):

The Mayor and most of the council sprung a “welcoming” resolution, with no advanced warning, and allowed only a few minutes of discussion before voting in support in front of a large audience that was out of control.

Here Leo Hohmann at World Net Dailytells us what happened.  Embedded in the story is a video of the…

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