Nebraska Lutherans moan: it is as bad as it can get….

Democrats desperate for voters, so change the color of states by changing the people, and that is what these NINE national SCAM outfits and their 300 local underling offices are doing–GANGBUSTERS!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

….as refugee arrival numbers drop!

Well, I can envision something worse as we are hearing rumors that the major Lutheran contractor (the one responsible for moving cases to Nebraska and elsewhere) is having some internal strife.


That would be Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service(headquartered in Baltimore) the same one thatcontracted with major meatpackerthe foreign-owned JBS Swift, to provide refugee labor and training to retain that labor.

In the summer of 2015, I traveled from Greeley, CO (JBS home away from home) through Nebraska—I saw the big meat plants greedy for cheap immigrant labor!

Back to my story from the Omaha World-Heraldwhere of course there is no mention of the connection between refugee labor and BIG MEAT!

Jane Kleeb It is not just BIG MEAT looking for refugees in Nebraska. The Nebraska Democrat Party is looking for voters. Nevermind new refugees can’t vote for 5 years. See…

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