‘Gladiator’ star Russell Crowe says he wants a refugee of his own

#1 I don’t think anybody invited those “refugees” to come calling.
#2 if you give them what they want, more will keep coming…sorta like with wild animals, if you feed them they WILL keep coming.
Now Russell Crowe, one of my NOT-ANYMORE-FAVORITES, has jumped in, which will encourage even more to keep coming, and the sensible-looking PM from New Zealand.
It seems millions and millions of people have NO understanding of islam and its end-goal.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Sheesh!  Not sure I can ever watch ‘Gladiator’ again!  

Russell Crowe Crowe: I have a few extra rooms in my penthouse in Sydney! Photo: The Australian

Crowe wants to take a refugee home, one of the Muslims presently protesting on Manus Island where those who tried to get to Australia illegally have been housed for the last few years, and help him find a job.

The facility was to be closed by the end of October, but Australia didn’t move the wannabe Australians out and now they are huddled in the facility with no food or water creating a stand off.  They fear attack by locals if they venture outside.

Surprisingly what is missing in the news from The Australianis any Trump-bashing for not moving fast enough to consummate Obama’s “dumb deal” and bring 1,250 of them to Anytown, USA.

The impasse is a result of Australia’s policy to deter illegal…

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