Afghan refugee charged with murder not an “unaccompanied minor” as he claimed

Not for sure. This took place a while back, but it seems the parents of this girl…how should I say it?
So I’ll just say it, “They were alright with losing their daughter, long as it was a muslim who did the murder.”
I could be wrong, but remember being really angry at the attitude of the parents.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

So, how did the prosecution in Germany know he was in his mid-20’s—that he was a liar?

They checked his teeth—actually one tooth had been removed, but saved. (Is that some sort of method to scam naive western countries—take out the teeth that could give them away as adults?).

You probably know about this dreadful case where the Afghan asylum seeker murdered the young daughter of an EU official and dumped her body in a nearby river.

The poor young woman had worked as a volunteer with the so-called migrant ‘children’ in her university town.

Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari Boo hoo! This evil creep will now be treated as an adult in the German legal system

Here is what I’d like to know—why can’t we examine the teeth of every ‘unaccompanied alien minor’ arriving at our borders and treat them according to what we find—detention in an adult facility or a teen facility until…

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