UN driving “Replacement Migration” for nearly 2 decades (of 50-year plan)

I agree, kids–start having babies! The very last thing so-called civilized First-World countries need is to be over whelmed with Third World migrants because most of those people want to come here for the welfare and they DON’T love us!
Here’s the Kalergi Plan, which right now is in full operation in Western and Scandinavian Europe.
Some of the text in this short video may be hard to read, but try, if not this video, there’s a ton more info out there

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Screenshot (1073)Our postthe other day on Poland’s “breed like rabbits” campaign generated lots of interest.

Here Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily tells us that even we (the US, not just Europe) are in trouble for not producing enough American babies.

From Hohmann:

If anyone wants to know why Western countries import so many migrants from the Third World, the answer may lie in the cultural norms that have dominated over the past 50 years.

Screenshot (1071) See the Executive Summary here: http://www.un.org/en/development/desa/population/publications/pdf/ageing/replacement-es.pdf

Women are expected to go to college, become professionals in the work force, and “contribute” to the national economy.

But, as many of these countries are now discovering, the female contributions come with a cost.

With women having fewer babies, there comes a point when there are not enough worker bees to support the growing number of elderly who retire every year in countries like Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain.

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