Minnesotan challenges MN CAIR director to public debate

One of the best posts out of Somali-run Minnesota.
Some highlights:
“…six wives, 22 siblings…”
“…8 armed and dangerous men “unaccounted for…”
“…Somali-owned food establishments refusing to allow health inspections…” OH! “…and getting away with it…”
But by far the best, from Jaylani Hussein, CAIR rep: “…we carry a big stick…”
To me that sounded like a threat, and, he’s right. In the Twin Cities alone 125,000 Somalis.
“THIS” post is from St. Cloud, MN, where local American people are standing up and fighting back.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

For new readers: We often give readers an opportunity to post guest opinions here at RRW. This is one from a longtime Minnesota resident, Robert Carrillo, who attended the event last Saturday at the St. Cloud Public Library where CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) attempted to equate the internment of Japanese in the US (after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor) with what could happen to Somalis in the age of Trump.

The event backfired when many educated and fearless audience members pushed back (see full report here at WND).

I’m all in favor of holding debates with CAIR anywhere and everywhere CAIR is willing to show up—let’s educate more Americans!

From Robert Carrillo who was in the audience on Saturday, November 18th (edited from the original for space, so if it doesn’t flow so well at times, blame me!):

The Japanese American group folks were actually very interesting. Their…

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