We welcome further explanation from the Heritage Foundation about comments being withheld over the weekend

Shadow banning, just recently learned what that was, and, folks, it is a vicious way to prevent FREE SPEECH, etc!
The things we learn every day, once we have awakened.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

If you are arriving here for the first time today, see this poston Sunday to catch up.

We see that when the Heritage Foundation asked for comments (there are now 208, more?) on their US Refugee Admissions Program ‘reform’ plan that they have now added the following note from an editor:

Editor’s note: Thanks to everyone who has commented on this post. Some of those comments were initially not visible due to a delay in our system. We value your opinion and apologize for any confusion.

They have also corrected one commenter with this:

Screenshot (1194)

In order to alleviate any further confusion we invite someone from Heritage’s IT staff to explain how it was that over 100 comments initially were visible only to the commenter, making them believe they were accepted, while others were visible to everyone.

We understand holding comments for moderation, we do it all the time…

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