Tyson Foods changing America one town at a time; up next Humboldt, TN

Doesn’t matter which party these elitist guys (“guys” includes women) come from, they all are blindly changing America and they seem to have no idea what’s coming…increasingly in a short time because the worldwide muslim invasion (hijra) is expanding nearly beyond belief.
Just because you don’t actually SEE it, locally, doesn’t mean it’s NOT coming.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This time with the help of Tennessee Governor Haslam and Senator (Little Bob) Corker.

Tyson_Foods-Tennessee_01793 Tennessee Republican Governor Haslam gives big wet kiss to Tyson Foods!

As you know BIG MEAT and BIG CHICKEN are major drivers of the US Refugee Admissions Program and here we learn that Tyson Foods new plant in Humboldt, TN will employ 1,500 workers. 

But get this: the pols admit that unemployment is really low, so where might those workers, who will do mostly dirty jobs, come from?

You guessed it! Immigrant and refugee labor will soon be streaming into a town of less than 9,000 people!

And before I get to this really bad news for the citizens of Humboldt, this gives me another opportunity to show you the direct connection between giant global corporations like Tyson Foods (JBS Swift and Chobani too) and the federally funded refugee ‘religious’ contractors placing refugees secretly in to…

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