Resettle Rohingya ‘refugees’ in Muslim countries where they can have a future

Right, send the Rohinga muslims to muslim countries.
FFS, how hard is that to see and understand?
And stop sending the to America!!!!
Ann gets quite humorous in this deadly serious post, but her humor fits right in 🙂

Refugee Resettlement Watch

When I saw this opinion piece in The Hillmy first thought was: oh no, not another politically correct B.S. whine-fest about the ‘plight’ of the Rohingya people of Bangladesh and Burma (aka Myanmar).

myanmar-monks-protest-rohingya-jan16-2014 Buddhist monks protest against the so-called Rohingya.

I thought I knew what was coming—that the US and other Western countries must ‘welcome’ them to our towns and cities—when I read the title of the piece by Jeff Goodson:

Resettle the Rohingya refugees where they can have a real future

But, boy was I wrong and am blown away that The Hilleven published this commentary.

The Human Rights Industrial Complex (HRIC) must be having a ‘hair on fire’ moment.

Here is some of what a retired foreign service officer, with a long distinguished career, was permitted to say (emphasis is mine):

(LOL! my first tip-off that this wasn’t what I thought, was the use of…

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