News roundup: Simpson questions Heritage’s basic premise in refugee program “reform” plan

Lots of info.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

As I said yesterday, postings could be light over the next two weeks.

Today, unless something huge happens, here are some news items you should see:

~Jim Simpson writing at the Daily Caller goes in to great detail about the Heritage Foundation‘Blueprint for reform’ proposal (seewhat we said here) that was more foreign policy first than American citizen first in its conclusions.

Chinese Montana deal 2 Cattlemen making a deal in Beijing! Selling out Montana? China to build a $100 million meatpacking plant in the Big Sky state. Will, without a doubt, attract immigrant/refugee labor to whichever town is chosen.  Citizens of Montana should make field trips to changed communities throughout the West and Midwest. Start in Ft. Morgan, CO to see what is in store for you! I’ve seen it firsthand.

~Libertarian ‘thinkers’ are not our friends on issue of mass migration/Muslim refugees, see here.  Do they…

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