Is Lutheran Linda Hartke talking about Stephen Miller? Sure sounds like it!

Is the acronym LIRS pronounced “liars?”
Moving on, Linda Hartke (pictured) CEO for LIRS, is the poster girl for the NINE national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of local underling offices.
Hartke represents the “Look” of the libtards running this national SCAM at the federal trough.
Locally, in Fargo North Dakota we have the local office of Lutheran Social Services. Sure “sounds” like a humanitarian group–it’s NOT! They are well-paid by the taxpayers. Humanitarianism is the LEAST of what they do.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

My recommendation to lawyers for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is to cool Linda Hartke’s presence in the media attacking the Trump administration.

Stephen-Miller-AP-PhotoSusan-Walsh-640x480 Stephen Miller

Hartke, CEO of LIRS, is embroiled in internal problems at one of the largest US resettlement contracting agencies where reportedly lawyers for the Board of Directors have been brought in to set the ship right.

See recent posts here, hereand here.  In that last post we listed, see that LIRS has signed a contract with a giant foreign-owned meatpacking company (JBS Swift) to help facilitate their use of refugee labor. They also signed a contract with Tyson Foods.

Here she is working with Mr. Chobani’s foundation. Bringing in a little chump-change to add to the millions of tax dollars they get every year.

Biting the hand that feeds her!

LIRS is 96% funded by taxpayers, so here she is taking a…

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