US State Department Fact Sheet on refugee admissions program is useful

From the post: “…they refer only to the US State Department’s cost, not the larger costs at Health and Human Services (ORR) or Homeland Security and they never tell you about the state and local costs including state social services, educating the kids, interpreters, criminal justice system etc., etc.” (and I will add another ETC!)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

If you are trying to learn more about how the US Refugee Admissions Program works, this is a link you should keep handy.

US Refugee Admissions Program FAQs.

IRC logo

I’ve seen it before, but it is worth mentioning again.

It came to my attention this time when I was looking for more information on whether the US State Department was bending the rules for contractors who can’t find housing for refugees because I saw that the International Rescue Committee was using Airbnb for a stop gap measure.

Readers may remember that the IRC got in a pickle here in September when refugees were not being adequately housed according to a contractual agreement with the DOS.

This is the information at theIRC websitethat got my attention just now (I didn’t know that the DOS was allowing such “temporary” housing arrangements).

airbnb logo

Open your home to refugees

You can be beacon of…

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