Bowling Green, KY “stakeholder” meeting was informative

Ann sometimes says the funniest things, like this: “…Lavinia Limon’s skills as she throws her weight around at the DOS.” (Yes, that lady has a lot of weight to throw around. I wouldn’t dare argue with her…not if she was close, anyway.)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“…any resettlement agency that resettles less than 100 (refugees) in principle they are supposed to close their doors.”

Albert Mbanfu

international_center3 KYI sure hope some concerned citizens were permitted to attend the meeting and hear all this personally!

For new readers, the resettlement contractor working near you is supposed to hold quarterly consultations in the community, but often block taxpaying citizens from attending, saying they are not “stakeholders.” 

I say that the taxpayers are the ultimate stakeholders!

As I read this story, in the Bowling Green Daily News, I wondered if anyone ever mentions that terrible case a few years ago where two Iraqi refugees were arrested and ultimately sentenced for planning Islamic terror right there in Bowling Green.

Here is the Bowling Green Daily News (again we hear about resettlement contractor USCRIwhich I mentioned in my earlier post today.)

At its current rate, the International Center of…

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