Jewish resettlement contractor in court today to try to stop Trump’s latest refugee restrictions

These “do gooders” (HIAS) get $20,000,000/year direct from the American taxpayers, and CEO, Mark Hetfield (pictured) pockets $358,718/year of that money, all for placing “refugees” secretly into innocent and un-knowing communities.
Fargo, ND has the Lutheran Social Services.
These NINE national SCAM agencies don’t actually give a damn about the “refugees”–it’s all for the big money!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That would be the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society one of the nine federal contractors*** that monopolize all refugee resettlement in America.

They have been the most litigious of the nine while they receive more than $20 million a year directly from the US Treasury to place refugees in US cities. HIAS has also been the leader of the contractors’ political agitation campaign against the President.

hetfield at NY anti-Trump rally Mark Hetfield speaking at HIAS anti-Trump rally in New York last February.  Rep. Keith Ellison was also a featured speaker. Hetfield collects a salary and benefits package of $358,718 (2015). I call that doing well by doing good.  HIAS pockets over $20 million annually from you—the taxpayers of America.

We told you here just last Saturday that they are closing some of those offices because the paying client (aka refugee) numbers have dropped (especially those on the Iran to Austria express that HIAS liked…

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