Small resettlement agencies will no longer resettle refugees and get federal funding

Some good news, but what about the NINE big SCAMMERS?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This Reuters storyconfirms what we heard from the Bowling Green Daily News on Wednesday.

There are hundreds of subcontractors working for the nine contractors (see present list here)*** that control all resettlement in the US.

Some will soon be closing.

That is a far cry from 2016 when the US State Department and the BIG NINE were aggressively trying to open as many as 45 new sites with Hillary on the horizon!

bake sale There is nothing to stop these non-profit groups from raising private money the old fashioned way by holding bake sales, galas, and other fundraisers to help the refugees which they previously placed in the town and maybe help some American poor people too!  They got fat and lazy living off taxpayer dollars for decades.

So the feds will cut them loose from your taxpayer funding, but aren’t they still non-profit groups with the ability to raise…

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