Univ. of Minnesota, others, file lawsuit to block deportation of Somalis on aborted ICE flight

Yes, this is a strange one, and has leftism, libtard, Democrats, and George Soros written all over it.
In the photo take a good look at law professor, Rebecca Sharpless, and for certain read the caption, and then ask: “YES! Why?”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Remember the news we reported here, here and hereabout that flight filled with Somalis being deported from the US.

Update: Rep Keith Ellison on the bandwagon now too, no surprise.

Well, they are back on US soil and a large cadre of lawyers are working overtime to see that they don’t get deported anytime soon.

From CNN:

(CNN) – A Florida judge has issued a temporary stay of deportation for 92 Somali immigrants who, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday, were subjected to “inhumane conditions and egregious abuse” during a failed deportation effort by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Rebecca Sharpless_crop U. of Miami law professor Rebecca Sharpless contends that Somalia is too violent to send them back. Then please tell us why so many Somalis (who are supposed to be refugees here) travel back and forth to Somalia regularly? Sharpless bio is here:  http://www.law.miami.edu/faculty/rebecca-sharpless

The order signed…

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