Al-Qaeda and ISIS won’t love us if we close more refugee offices—waaahhhh!

See the money list of what these whining CEO contractors get, basically from the pockets of American taxpayers–this BS needs to stop! These SCAMMERS have been getting away with this for years and years and years, and two mentioned here aren’t even true Americans (David Milibrand and Hans Van derWeerd) they are here just to SCAM America–they shoiuld go home and take care of their own damn countries, both going down under the weight of invading muslims!!!!
And this is some of the worst media lying I’ve ever seen–such BULLSHIT!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The groveling refugee contractors are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this line of attack on the Trump Administration’s refugee resettlement slowdown and Newsweek eats it up!

I don’t doubt that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are angry, but it’s only because they have been laughing their heads off for years with both Bush and Obama inviting them to come and get established in America while the dumb taxpayers feed and house them!

ISIS kills Christians We have to be nice to them and invite Muslim refugees to America so they won’t kill us? They kill Christians because their ‘religion’ instructs them to!

But, in addition to the backwards and desperate ‘logic’ of this tired old argument getting to me, it is the fact that the major mouthpiece for the attack, quoted by Newsweek, works for thesuper RICH International Rescue Committee (IRC) leading the wailing and moaning here.

In 2015, the last year…

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